5.1 Overview of cycles

Cycles are generally applicable technology subroutines that can be used to carry out a specific machining process, such as tapping. These cycles are adapted to individual tasks by parameter assignment. In the system, according to the specific process requirements can be divided into:

1. Drilling cycles

2. Turning cycles


CYCLE81-CYCLE89 must work in G17 plane.

Technical definition must repeate after exiting the cycle (G91 / G90, G71 / G70, DIAMOF / DIAMON, etc.).

Drilling cycles

Turning cycles

CYCLE81 Drilling, centering

CYCLE93  Recess

CYCLE82 Drilling, counterboring

CYCLE94 Undercut (DIN form E and F)

CYCLE83 Deep-hole drilling

CYCLE95 Stock removal with relief cutting

CYCLE84 Rigid tapping

CYCLE96 Thread undercut

CYCLE85 Reaming 1 (boring out 1)

CYCLE97 Thread cutting

CYCLE86 Boring (boring out 2)

CYCLE99 Thread chain

CYCLE87 Drilling with stop 1 (boring out 3)


CYCLE88 Drilling with stop 2 (boring out 4)


CYCLE89 Reaming 2 (boring out 5)


Throughout the cycle running, cycle call is displayed in the current block. Standard cycles according to user-defined variables for processing, different variables define different machining path. Cycle calls must always requires a separate block. Standard cycle parameters for each cycle having an order and type of request. Standard cycle parameters defined variable or constant, if it is variable, these variables must first be defined in the calling program, and has been assigned.

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